An update!

15 Aug



Afternon All,

Just a really quick one as lots going on.  A few weeks ago we finished the boys bedroom in the new flat.  It looks really lovely and the boys enjoy having the own space.  They both have their birthdays coming up in a few months and Yusuf will be starting Reception in September in the school he is already in.  We have to start thinking about getting Zakariyah on the list for nursery soon.

Well as I said really short one as I’m on someone’s computer!  Ours is still not working and we haven’t been able to get a new one!



Review of Half Baked Cake (Scrumptious Chocolate flavour)

2 Aug


Good Morning All,

We are a family that love cakes (especially Chocolate flavour) so we were very happy to review the Half Baked Scrumptious Chocolate Cake.  The cake is already made and you don’t need to add anything.  All you do is put in the oven for 50 – 55 minutes and let it cool and then add the chocolate buttercream icing.  After about 10 minutes of it being in the oven myself and Mummy could smell it and was eager to try it!  I’m not a fan myself of icing, so Mummy left half of it without icing and the other half with icing.


I have to say that this cake is probably my favourite chocolate cake, it was really yummy!  It went down very well with the boys, Mummy, Uncle Mahdee and Granny.  It lasted us 2 days which proves that it is a fair size.  I even tried the side with icing on and I like that too.  The icing didn’t have too much of a sugary taste more of a chocolate taste.


Here is our youngest Zakariyah trying to grab the box of Mummy!  If I see this cake I would not hesitate to buy it.  The cakes come in 3 other flavours: Lemon & Lime Drizzle, Coffee & Walnut & Farmhouse Apple.  The cakes retail at £5.00 each.  They are available now from Tesco Extra &  To get more information go to

Disclosure:  I was sent 1 Half Baked Cake for review.  This is not a paid review.  This review is the opinion of myself and my family.

Back On Again!

24 May


Hello All,

Sorry I know it’s been a while.  Just quite difficult to get on when your computer is broken!!  Well the sun is back and I hope it’s here to stay for a while.  Were all doing well, especially the boys growing up really quickly.  Zakariyah is a chatterbox and is making us laugh on a daliy basis.  Yusuf had his school picture taken and we will be ordering some, he looks so adorable!  he’s off to London Zoo with the school next week so maybe for one day I hope that it’s not going to be too hot for his sake!!

We were luck enough to go to the Preview of the Topcat 3D Film, mummy stayed at home with Zakariyah.  We really enjoyed it, it was my first time seeing a 3D film and my first time at the cinema with Yusuf.  It is a experience I will not forget and I will be posting about it in the next few days.

Well that’s it for today!

Review of Hallmarks Abigail and The Balance Beam Story Buddy

20 Apr









Afternoon All, told you I would be on!!

Thanks to the lovely people at Hallmark for sending us a Hallmarks Abigal Story Buddy for our niece to review.  Maya is 6 years old and a very good reader.  We were sent a Watson The Story Buddy to review before and the boys loved it.  Maya loved her Abigail even more as she is old enough to read herself.  The great thing about Story Buddies, is that you read the story and the character reads the highlighted parts.

Firstly Maya attemped reading the book in the living room.  This as we expected was not succesfull as you need to be in a quiet room for the character to respond and we had a houseful.  So at first Maya went in a quiet bedroom and after reading the book, ran back in and said “It works, she talks!”  Then she took Yusuf in the bedroom and read to him and Yusuf came in and told us all that “She talked” excitedely.  Then the last audience member that Maya got was Nanny.  Nanny absoultely loved it, she came back in and said “That’s fantastic, I wouldn’t mind one for myself.”

We love the Story Buddies and think they are great for a range of ages (including Adults that are big kids!!!) Priced at £19.99 in Hallmark stores and at   Additional books for Abigail are also available from the same outlets priced at £5.99 each.  More character members will be added to the gang this year.

Disclosure:  We received a Abigal Story Buddy (character and book) to review.  This is the opinion of myself and family.  We are not paid for this post.


19 Apr

Me and the boys!








Good Afternoon All,

I know, I know have not been on in absolutely ages.  What can I say moving home and the trials of everyday life have made it difficult for me to dedicate time!  But things seem to be calming down now hopefully.  The boys are growing up fast, Zakariyah is 1 and a half and Yusuf is 4 and a half.

They very much enjoy the new flat and we do too.  Beleive me it’s like a mansion compared to the old flat.  This is a really brief post just to put an up to date picture, but I’ll be back on tomorrow.  Before I go got some good news Yusuf got his reception place which is at the school who already attends so it means no changing schools thankfully!

I’m back!

14 Feb

But… our new place is lovely.  The sitting room/ kitchen is open plan.  We have a balcony and a shower, things which we didn’t have in the old flat.  The boys are so much happier they have a lot of open space to play around.  On the subject of the boys they are doing great.  Yusuf had has 1st assembly to which Mummy attended and she was very proud indeed.  Zakariyah is growing up fast, becoming a cheeky chap but very funny also.

Yusf playing The Emperor in his school assembly!

Zakariyah in one of his favourite rooms- bathroom!!!

Sorry for the lack of blogs!!

14 Dec

Morning All,

It has been a manic few weeks.  About 4 weeks ago Yusuf had a tummy bug.  So my attention was mainly on him and looking after his brother!  Once he got better from that (took about 3 weeks) he went back to school.  Only about 2 days after he got a bad cough so was back at home!!  After that on a bright note, we moved into a beautiful new flat on Saturday so life is chaotic at the moment!

The new flat is great though, when we buy a new camera we will take some pics and put them up.  It has so many benefits.  Firstly once we have decorated the room, the boys will have their own bedroom.  Secondly it’s a new building so apart from the boys room doesn’t need any decorating!  Thirdly we have a shower, in the old flat there was not enough hot water pressure in the bath to take a shower.  Lastly we have more space, we loved having Nanny live with us but it was cramped and we need to concentrate being a family.  Now when we get a chance we can get a table and chairs to eat at.  We never had room before as all the toys were in the living room!  We are looking forward so much to sitting down together as a family at dinner times.  It’s such a simple thing but can make such a difference to eating time.

Anyway that’s enough from me for today.  Not sure when I will be back on, but I will be back soon!