Top 5 Favourite Childrens Books

18 Jul

So thought I would do a list of Yusufs’ favourite books.  We are a family that loves books and can’t get enough!  Mummy has a book company that come to her work every few months and she recieves I think 80% discount and she gets to bring the books home the same day.  For example she got a set of kids books which would usually cost £140 ish and she got it for £20! Bargain! Here we go:

Number 1

Share A Story Collection

It comes in stages.  It goes up to School Age (3 years plus)  It has some really funny books in there.  Some are rhyme books too.  The pictures inside are great and even our youngest boy enjoys looking at them.  More than worth the money!

Number 2

Read At Home Complete Set

I’m pretty sure Yvette paid £15 for this which is amazing! It goes up to 4 years plus and has Levels 1 – 6.  They are lovely stories and it’s a set that you can start from quite an early age as it starts off really basic.  At the back of each book it has Questions like Why did this happen or What Would You do if that happened to you?  It is great to hear Yusufs’ answers!  It also has a exercise page relating to the book.  It could be spot the difference or help the dog out of the dragons maze.  Yusuf really enjoys this too.

Number 3

Disney 365 Bedtime Stories

I think this will be one of Yusufs’ favourite  for a while.  It has a lot of his favourite characters and there is a page for each story.  His Uncle bought him this book.  It it sometimes hard to get Yusuf to go beyond the first few pages as once he has heard the ones he likes he is not so interested in the rest.  But we have been encouraging him to listen to some other ones not just the same ones all the time!

Number 4

My Cool Sticker Toolbox

This is great.  So many different tasks to go through.  There are stickers with sections for certain pages.  Yvette stumbled upon this in Hamleys and it kept Yusuf entertained and still does.  There are extra pages where they can put where they like.  Yusuf does this literally on him, Mummy, Daddy anywhere but he has fun so that’s what matters!  I recommend these types of books for trips.  Yvette will be getting some when hopefully we will go away to Paris later this year.

Number 5

Get Into Bed

This is hilarious about a cheeky little bear who refuses to go to bed!  We have all been in that situation millions of times and lots more to come probably!  Yusuf enjoys this book and goes back to it every now and then.


Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed it.  Would love to hear if anyone has any comments.



3 Responses to “Top 5 Favourite Childrens Books”

  1. Actually Mummy... July 28, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    Found this on Mammasaurus. I love that you read with the kids – GG and Bug’s Dad doesn’t read unless it’s on the iPad and reading Dads are apparently really importand to kids, especially boys. I have never seen any of the books you talk about though, so this is quite refreshing. I will have to get down to Waterstones! Glad to have found you


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