“Daddy I will tell you something different!”

28 Jul

Good Morning!

Today is an exciting day for Yusuf.  Nanny is taking him to The Natural History Museum with his Aunty, 3 cousins and his Granny.  It should be a great day for him.  Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures!  I will be spending the day with Zakariyah.  Yesterday we went out food shopping and came back and he played outside with his friends.  They came inside and played some Mario and Mummy came home and was welcomed to a full house!

That was not the plan yesterday though.  The plan was to go food shopping, come home and both boys can have a nap and then Yusuf can go outisde.  But…as it’s school holidays I think what we have planned and what can actually happen is two different things!  We got home and I said to Yusuf, we will have a sleep and when we wake up you can go outside and play with your friends.  That was ok, until there was a knock at the door and it was his friends.  They were saying outisde Yusuf, Yusuf.  So Yusuf said to me Daddy I will tell you something different I will go outside and play and then I have a sleep!!! Ha ha!  So it ended up that way and I was exhausted, but today is a totally different day!!!


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