Monday again!!

1 Aug

Hey everyone,

Well sadly I forgot my cable to our camera so I will not be able to put any pics on today.  I have loads of the kids with Mummy and family from Alexandra Palace on Friday.  Which by the way was fantastic Mummy has told me.  Baby Zakariyah enjoyed himself in the soft play area.  Yusuf went on the bouncy castle for the first time.  He used to say he was scared but he is not anymore which is great!  They had grilled haloumi and pitta bread which goes down well with all the kids.  Must be the greek in them!  When Yusuf and Zakariyah came back they went to play with Mummy and their friends in the garden.

On Saturday myself and Mummy did a lot of overdue house cleaning!  Then in the afternoon Mummy took the boys out to play again.  Yesterday was a nice day too, we had Granny round for dinner as we usually do on a Sunday.  It was also Uncle Mahdees’ birthday and we bought him an Arsenal t-shirt and a birthday cake from the boys (have a picture of Yusuf cutting the cake with his uncle to put on too!)  In the afternoon I played some Mario with Yusuf which he was very excited about as I haven’t done for a few days, we have always been too busy.  The only downside about this weekend is that Zakariyah has his first tooth starting to break through, you can feel it prick you and see it a bit.

He has been a bit poorly, wants a lot of cuddles is a bit chesty and pooing a lot!  No matter how many times a doctor tells me otheriwse I’m pretty certain it co- incides with teething.  He is coping ok though.  Today Yusufs’ Aunty, cousins and Granny is round today to play.  Nanny is at home today and I’m going to cook spaghetti bolognse, so with that I have a busy day today so I will leave now!!!


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