Anyone else glad it’s raining?!

4 Aug

Morning All,

Well I know I must not be the only one!  The last couple of days it has just been too hot.  Last night my eldest was tossing and turning and even crying in his sleep.  We are all in the same room.  We felt sorry for him and tried to comfort him but it was just too damm hot!!!  He only had a nappy on too bless him!  So I am very happy that it’s a lot cooler.  I love it when it’s warm.  But that warm…… No!!!!

Mummy had a day off yesterday, Zakariyah was still a bit poorly with his tooth.  We thought that he needed lots of one on one attention and thankfully after that he is returning to his normal self today!  We spent the day making sure he had plenty of rest and I took Yusuf out for a bit and played inside a bit, then later on Mummy took Yusuf out to play with his friends when Zakariyah had his last nap of the day.

Today I will be spending the day in, we will play a lot and have naps I don’t think we will be venturing out today.  Well I have a review to do so I will get that done.

Have a nice day!


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