“I’m too big for toys!”

8 Aug

Yusuf with his trim!

Morning All,
Well it’s Monday and it was a lovely weekend.  On Saturday we spent a lot of the day inside.  Mummy played some games and I took Yusuf out to originally buy him a Bowser (character from Mario) toy but they didn’t have any.  I said I would get him another toy he said  “No, I’m too big for toys I want another game!” so I bought him a Mario Sports game!  On Sunday we played the game a bit, he really enjoyed it it’s an easy game for him to play and when he was scoring in the basketball he was very excited.
We had Granny round as we usually do for dinner and I made a really nice stir-fry.  The bad news about the weekend is the rioting.  Yvettes’ (mummy) sister and family live in one of the said areas.  In the evening on Friday she had someone knocking on her door, but she did not answer.   This is horrible for anyone and she has 3 children.  Let’s hope it all ends soon as it’s not right.  Yesterday I took Yusuf to have his hair trimmed.  There is not a big difference, just stops the longer curls from getting in his face.   Today I have to take Zakariyah for his checkup, Granny is coming along with us. 

Zakariyah pulling Mummys leg this morning before she goes to work!!!


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