What is going on?!!

9 Aug

Morning All,

These riots are absolutely insane.  Today we were supposed to have the boys Aunty and cousins coming round but they can’t because we live in one of the areas where it is possible to be attacked today.  Granny even had someone knocking on her door, trying their luck last night.  Nanny was stuck in Hackney yesterday on her way home from work, took her 3 hours to get home.

Well today Mummy has half day, we are supposed to be having another cousin come round but I’m not sure it will be safe for them.  Very worried about what might be happening today as they are getting earlier and earlier.  Yesterday myself and Granny took the boys for Zakariyahs’ check up.  Everything is fine, which is great.  We came home and the boys Uncle played some Mario games.

Keep safe everyone.


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