Quiet yesterday

10 Aug


Well luckily for us last night was quiet.  Not so lucky for Manchester and other areas.  We actually saw 3 vans from Greater Manchester Police so that must have an effect on them.  What I wonder is what’s going to happen when the Police go back to where they came from?!!

But I’m going to change the subject now!  Yesterday Mummy had half a day off.  She came home played a bit of Mario and took the boys outside to play for a bit.  Then Uncle Mahdee played some Mario with Yusuf.  Today I don’t have much planned, might get them out for a bit to get some food shopping but that’s about it, probably spend the rest of the day playing with them.  It’s a bit difficult at the moment as Zakariyah is at a stage where he doesn’t want to be in the pram and he gets quite miserable, so it’s hard to take both boys out by myself!


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