Monday again

15 Aug


Well I have not been on for a few days but I’m back now!  Mummy came home early on Thursday she was poorly with her throat.  She had Friday off and I did my bit to look after her.  I made her breakfast in bed, gave her a massage and looked after the eldest while she had a nap with the youngest.  She’s back at work today and is getting better.  I think she was run down and needed some TLC!

On Saturday we did the usual really played some games and Mummy took  the boys outside to play with friends.   Mummy cooked tuna and pasta bake.   Yesterday we had Granny over for dinner I cooked some rice, meat and lentils.  That’s one of our favourite dishes.  Granny sat outside for a while in the garden while Mummy was outside with the boys and friends.

Today Nanny is taking Yusuf to The Childhood Museum with Granny.   He will enjoy that.  I will be at home with Zakariyah playing a lot.

Enjoy the weather!


One Response to “Monday again”

  1. sarahmumof3 August 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    hope your eldest had a great time at the musseum and you enjoyed staying home playing 🙂

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