Visit to the Childhood Museum

16 Aug

Schools 2009


Well as I said yesterday Yusuf’s Nanny and Granny took him to The Museum of Childhood.  Nanny said that he had a fantastic time.  He tiold us all about his time there when he got home.  It has all the old toys and seems like a great place for the kids.  He told us that there was a big robot there and all the arms moved and he was a little bit scared it was going to chase him!  He played with the Punch and Judy show with his ‘friends!’  He saw some old fashioned aeroplanes and there was much more.

By the way the pic is not of our kids!  I wanted to put a pic relating to the museum on the post so people could get a general idea of what it’s like.  Unfortunately we forgot to give the camera to Nanny yesterday- Doh!  It would have been lovely to see some pics, but at least there is an excuse for us to go another time!  I was at home with Zakariyah and he must be going through a ‘growth spurt’ every 5 minutes he wants food!!  And he still has 3 milk a day, but better he’s eating loads than not enough!!

That’s it for today!


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