Imagination Playground

18 Aug

Yusuf building!

Thanks to the lovely people at Rockwell Group we had an invite to the Imagination Playgorund yesterday at Corams Fields.  I took Yusuf and we had a great time!
As you can see there are plently of loose pieces and the idea is to get the kids to put the pieces together building whatver they wish.  As the website says it’s designed to “encourage child directed, unstructured free play”.  It definetely achieved this!  It was great for the kids to share ideas of where they think pieces should go and what they should make.  It would 100% go if they were to do another event and I will also take my youngest along too as I’m sure he would have loved it.
The Imagination Playground is designed by David Rockwell an Architect.  He has launched several projects of The Imagination Playground in New York.  Yesterday was the first launch in The UK.
To find out more have a look at the website: 
They sell products which are Imagination Playground: in a box, in a cart, in doors and blocks.  They don’t have the price, but you fill in a form and a Sales Representative gets in contact.

Yusuf inserting a piece!


So many pieces to choose!

Disclosure:  I attended a free event to The Imagination Playground at Coram’s Fields.  I received a free tote bag with goodies.
PS Many Thanks to Gary Wallis who has added the comment on this post.  As he states Imagination Playground is available in Europe at

One Response to “Imagination Playground”

  1. Gary Wallis August 18, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    Imagination Playground is available in Europe via Play Direct More info on Imagination Playground available at

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