Diegos’ newest fan!

19 Aug

Yusuf with Diego!

Morning Folks,
Let me introduce you to Diegos newest fan!!  Thanks to the lovely people at Nick Jr. and Louise @ Rock Baby World we received a Nick Jr. Goody bag.  It was the best goody bag I have ever seen.  Yusuf and Zakariyah had a rumage through and was excited at everything they pulled out.  We watched a Go Diego Do DVD and since then Yusuf is a big fan of Diego.  He plays with his Diego toy and he has watched the DVD again this morning!  Before yesterday we had not seen a Diego programme we had only seen little bits of Dora.
Today I’m not quite sure what we will be up to we will just go with the flow today!  Well it’s more than likely I wont be on over the weekend so hope everyone has a great one!

One Response to “Diegos’ newest fan!”

  1. Tracey August 20, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    At last I have got around to visiting your blog. I hope you are doing well with getting through the Summer Holidays.

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