Rainy day in today

23 Aug

Morning All,

Not much to report today.  Going to be spending a lot of today playing on the Wii as the weather is not that great.  I don’t mind though, I enjoy playing at home with the boys and as Zakariyah is not keen on the pram at the moment it does make like a bit easier being inside.

The boys are growing up so quickly.  Zakariyah is now veturing up the stairs at any opportunity and he is playing a bit more.  Before all he was really interested in was food!  He still is a big eater now but starting to explore his surroundings more.  Yusuf has got a strong opinion now a popular saying now with him is ” I’ll tell you what we will do” whenever talking about plans for the day.

Anyway just a short one today, have a nice day even if it is raining!


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