Long weekend

1 Sep

Morning All,

Well firstly I have to say sorry for not being on for a few days!  Mummy has had the flu so I have been trying my best to look after her and the boys!  She started to feel it on Monday and is at work right now but will be leaving soon as she is still poorly.  Apart from that it has been a nice few days and I have some pictures to show this but camera is playing up at the moment so will try another time. 

On Saturday as far as I can remember, we just spent the day in playing games watching films and Sunday was pretty much the same apart from that Nanny and Granny were home.   Nanny cooked some lovely quiches, potatoes and salad.  Monday Uncle Mahdee was off and he took Yusuf out for a few hours to play football in the park which helped Mummy out as that’s was the start of her feeling poorly.  Tuesday I looked after the boys and let Mummy rest, she slept when she could as she was aching a lot.  Yesterday was more of the same Mummy started to feel slightly better but flu does take a couple of days to completely get rid of, so Im told!  Tuesday was a bit scary because she was shivering and crying I have never seen her that ill before. 

Well I should be back on tomorrow and I will have some pics from the long weekend and hopefully a review on a DVD we received today!!


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