Happy Birthday Postman Pat DVD Review

2 Sep

Afternoon All,

Postman Pat is approaching his 30th birthday believe it or not!  To celebrate a limited edition Happy Birthday Postman Pat will be released on the 12th of September.

When we was offered the chance to review Postman Pats’ Birthday DVD we jumped at the chance.  Since Yusuf was around 2 years old he grew a love for Postman Pat.  So the lovely people at mi-comms sent us the DVD.  The DVD has 2 discs with 8 episodes and is 3+ hours long:


Postman Pat’s Great Big Party

Postman Pat Takes The Bus

Postman Pat & The Toy Soldiers

Postman Pat & The Tuba

Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket

Postman Pat & The Barometer

Postman Pat Clowns Around

Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure

As Yusuf has been a fan for a while he has already seen some of these episodes on separate DVDs’  so did get a bit distracted when he was watching one he had already seen.  But he did enjoy seeing episodes that he hasn’t seen.  He said “Mummy, Daddy a new one!”  Our youngest boy who is 1 in October enjoyed the theme tune especially.

If you have a Postman Pat fan in your household I would recommend this DVD!!!  For more information and products visit http://www.postmanpat.com

Yusuf enjoying Postman Pat!

Please note we received the DVD in exchange for a honest review.  This review is mine and the boys opinion!

The Postman Pat Happy Birthday DVD

Both Boys watching- a rare moment of quiet!!!


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