1 month to go until our youngest is 1!!!

8 Sep


Morning All,

Well time is ticking for the arrival of Zakariyahs’ first birthday!  Can’t believe it has gone so quickly!  Don’t have a clue what to get him, most of the toys he plays with are all his brothers old ones and we have plenty of those, so is there any point buying any more toys?!!  He does need some pyjamas and jeans and other bits of clothes, so that’s what we will end up getting him, but it’s others that ask what to get him!!

A nice curry and some cake is going to be the thing that will put a smile on his face more than anything!  So we will probably have some family round have a nice meal and a birthday cake for him.   Afther his birthday is over we have Grannys a couple of weeks after then couple of weeks after that is the eldest ones birthday.  We know what we are getting him, a Nintendo DS.  He’s very easy to get something because you could just ask him and he will probably have  a list of things as long as my arm and then some!!!

Well today I don’t have much planned but we always have fun even if it’s a day inside!  Yesterday did a few little things, in the afternoon Nanny took Yusuf round Grannys house and then to a Pound Shop and she bought him a water gun!  It’s his first one, Mummy took him for a bath and let him splash away in there.  Uncle Mahdee played some Mario and Sonic Olympics on the Wii with  Yusuf.  When Yusuf plays Mario he only wants to play as Bowser and sometimes Mario, for some reason he has a fascination with Bowser!!  When Nanny was out with Yusuf it gave me some time to play inside with Zakariyah – we are pretty sure he will be walking soon he is starting to do a couple of footsteps.

That’s all folks, have a good day.


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