Review of Teas Me (Loose Tea) – from Squeeze Me Juice

15 Sep

Teas Me Loose Tea








Morning All,

We received this  lovely package from Squeeze Me Juice yesterday and as all the household are good tea fans we couldn’t wait to try them!  We were sent three flavours to try: Earl Grey, Good Morning Sunshine and Simply The Zest.  Yesterday evening as the day was winding down we was all (Myself, Yvette my partner and my cousin Mahdee) in need of a nice cup of tea.  Yvette decided to try the Earl Grey so we all had one.  The aroma and the freshness of the tea was amazing!  We all really enjoyed it.  The only thing to note is that as we like milk in our tea and we like it quite strong so the next tea we brewed for a bit longer.

This morning Yvette made another tea for me as I was preparing to start my day with the boys!  We thought Good Morning Sunshine would be the most appropriate for a kickstart to the day!  Personally I prefer the Earl Grey, Earl Grey has always been my favourite but Good Morning Sunshine is pleasant and it did make me feel a little more human!!!

I would recommend Teas Me to anybody who really appreciates great tasting fresh tea.  The other flavours of their tea are: Builders Blend, Come to bed, Good Morning Sunshine decaff, After dinner mint and Sweet chai of mine.  They are £3.99 each.  If you want to find out more visit:

Disclosure: I do not work for Squeeze Me Juice.  They sent us 3 samples for reviewing purposes.  This review is the honest opinion of myself and the family.


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