Postman Pats’ 30th Birthday Party

19 Sep

The man himself- Postman Pat!

Hi All, this is a post from Mummy which I am doing at work – shhhh!!
On Friday myself and Yusuf were lucky enough to attend Postman Pats’ 30th birthday at Vue Cinema in Westfield (Shepherds Bush) thanks to mi_comms.  I told Yusuf we were going for a surprise and once we got in the Shopping Centre, showed him his invitation and I think he wasn’t sure how to react as he was so surprised!!  The Westfield Shopping Centre is massive and I was in awe of the place!
Once we arrived in the Vue Cinema area there was drinks and cakes and balloons and the excitement really kicked in for Yusuf!  There were tables laid out with different activities.  One had mask making, another was a table to make a Birthday card for Postman Pat and there was face painting.  There was also a guy making all sorts of balloons for all the kids, he was great as nothing was too much trouble for him. 

Yusuf making Postman Pats' card!

 Soon after Postman Pat came out and then there was a mass of excitable kids surrounding him.  Yusuf was a bit hesitant as he is a bit funny with real life characters!  After a while he was more comfortable.  Just after 12pm we went to the screen to watch 3 Postman Pat episodes where there was a bag of popcorn and a bottle of water waiting for everyone!  This was Yusufs’ first experience at a cinema and conisdering that he was fantastic and he really enjoyed it.

Yusuf at his first cinema experience!

After the episodes there was a chance for all the kids to sing and dance to the Postman Pat Great Big Party song which I think was probably one of all the kids favourite part!  It really was a fantastic day and hats off to mi_comms for hosting such a great party!  We picked two balloons and gave one to Zakariyah to hold once we got home.  The original plan was for all of us to go but Zakariyah has been a bit poorly with teething so Daddy stayed at home with  him.  I felt sad that we couldn’t all go but it was probably for the best.

Zakariyah with his balloon!

 Thanks again to mi_comms for inviting us!
Disclousre:  We received refreshments, balloons and a goody bag.  We also watched a screening.

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