Our little man starts Reception tomorrow!

20 Sep

Yusuf in his uniform!

Morning All,
Well firstly sorry for the lack of ordinary day to day posts, lately we have been receiving lots of lovely parcels to review and I only get time to do one post!!  Tomorrow is a big day for all of us.  Yusuf will be starting Reception, at some point it will be Full Time.  We are guessing probably next week, but at first it’s going to be staggered.  As much as I love having Yusuf around, the holidays have been long and not great weather wise, so we all think it will be a nice change for everyone!
We have chosen for him to have School Lunches.  We think this will encourage him hopefully to eat different foods, he’s quite a fussy eater!  When he was at Nursery he ate and drank things that he wont that much at home.  It’s amazing what affect friends his age have on him.  Now let me speak a bit about Zakariyah.  Only a few weeks left to his 1st birthday and he is growing really quickly.  Now the stairs are an amazing adventure for him which he doesn’t want to leave alone.  His walking is improving so much and he looks so satisfied with himself when he’ s done a few steps which we all love to watch.  He has two teeth now, next to each other at the bottom and we think more are coming soon!
Well not up to much today, I will be taking the boys food shopping and then the rest of the day in playing games!!
Have a nice day all!

One Response to “Our little man starts Reception tomorrow!”

  1. Crystal Jigsaw September 20, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    You must be feeling quite anxious for him but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Once he’s into the routine of it, you’ll be amazed at the progress he makes.

    Good luck to you both.
    CJ xx

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