Yusufs’ 1st day at Reception Today

21 Sep

Morning All,

Well Yusuf only attended for a couple of hours today.  I took him and his brother this morning.  I was hoping (rather wishful thinking really!) that I would be able to get the youngest to sleep in the Reception area.  But the rule is that on the 1st day you have to stay in the classroom.  I can understand this rule as it’s a strange thing for a young child, even though Yusuf is the most social kid I have seen and it’s like I’m invisible really!!  The joke is that myself and Mummy was thinking that both boys would wake up this morning a bit later (like they have been the last couple of weeks)  Did that happen??? NO   They both woke up at 5:30 am, hence me having to take Yusuf home a little earlier, which didn’t go down to well with him.  He really enjoyed himself and when Mummy asked him what was school like he replied “school was like fun!!”  Anyway going to be in the rest of the day and tomorrow I have been told I can leave Yusuf so that will make life a bit easier!


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