Review of Earth Friendly Gentle Kids Wipes

22 Sep

Earth Friendly Kids Gentle Kids Wipes

Morning All,
At the moment we use one particular brand for our wipes.  But the most important thing to us is that they are sensitive and alcohol free.  So when we were asked by Sparkle PR if we wanted to review some wipes from The Earth Friendly Kids we said, Yes Please!
The wipes come in a pack of 60.  There are hypoallergenic, alcohol and fragnance free.  They are infused with Aloe Vera.  Hence the reason Mummy kept sniffing them.  She really loved the smell of them and I have to say they smell really nice.  They are moist also which means you don’t need many for nappy changes.  We also used them to clean our eldest sons hands.   Nanny was in the room when Mummy first used them.  She commented  “These wipes are lovely, when I buy some wipes to put in my bag I will have a look out for these ones”  proving that it’s also popular for use with adults too!!
They have a range of products which include: Earth Friendly Kids Shampoo & Bodywash, Earth Friendly Kids Bubblebath, Earth Friendly Kids Handwash, Earth Friendly Kids Gentle Kids Wipes and Earth Friendly Kids Body Lotion.  All their products are available in Waitrose (where we do our weekly shop, so will be looking out for them) and you can also buy them from
If you prefer to use products with natural ingredients than I would recommend Earth Friendly Kids range.  Worth also noting is that all their products are animal testing free, free of artificial colouring and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarian Society approved.
Disclosure: We were sent a pack of Earth Friendly Kids Gentle Kids Wipes to review.

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