Review of Manatomicals Avoid The Morning Rash Hour After Shave Balm

22 Sep

Just for the record I’m not a metrosexual!!!!  But I’m on the hinges I enjoy smelling nice and looking clean.  Sparkle RP sent me a Manatomical Avoid The Morning Rash Hour After Shave Balm.

The Balm felt very fresh (like the feeling when you splash yourself with cold water only more pleasant!)  It smells nice and left my skin really soft.  I opened it when I was in the kitchen and my partner kept wondering what the smell was as you could still smell it in the kitchen after a few minutes.  It was nice to look after myself for a bit! 

Myself and the Missus love the names of the products.  The full range is: Get’s You Clean Like Rehab Can’t Detox Hair & Body Wash, Are You Looking To Get Picked Up? Energy Hair/Body Wash, Young, Free & Tingle Wake Up Hair/Body Wash, For A Mug That Everyone’s Cup Of Tea Exfoliating Face Wash, No More Cuts. A (Bathroom) Cabinet Promise. Shave Gel and Avoid The Morning Rash Hour After Shave Balm.

Some of the Manatomicals products

When i want a treat I will be looking out for them. If your a man who like’s a bit of looking after have a look out for them too.  They are available from Waitrose (selected lines) and from Boots.

Disclosure:  I was sent a Manatomicals Avoid The Rash Hour After Shave Balm for reviewing.


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