Rastamouse Da Crucial Plan & Other Adventures DVD review

28 Sep

The Boys watching Rastamouse

Morning All,
Come on everyone sing it with me “Douba Douba Douba Dunga, Douba Douba Day!!!  Thanks to a lovely chap at PDR Publicity we were sent The Rastamouse DVD to review.  Our eldest Yusuf is a fan, has been from when it first started.  The youngest Zakariyah loves the theme tune (must be the Jamaican in them, Mummy is quarter Jamaican!)  As you can see from when he hears the song he has to get as close as he can to the TV to see it.
We have always loved the concept of Rastamouse.  We are a family that has such a mix- I’m Mauritian, Mummy is half Greek, quarter Jamaican and quarter English.  Rastamouse for us is a great way of showing culture.  We think it’s important for the kids to be aware of different races and accents and Rastamouse certainly does that.  Yusuf sometimes does a little dance to the song and has said “Irie man” a few times!
We watched the DVD once 2 mornings ago.  It’s nice to put the DVD on in the morning as it helps us get prepared for the day.  When watching one episode  Yusuf said “Mummy all the cheese has gone!!”  We had it on again this morning.
If you have Rastamouse fans in your house, we would recommend Rastamouse Da Crucial Plan & Other Adventures DVD.  It’s great fun to watch.
Disclosure:  We were sent the Rastamouse Da Crucial Plan & Other Adventures DVD to review. 

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