Yusufs’ first week at Reception

29 Sep

Morning All,

Well now it is a week since Yusuf started Reception.  Yesterday was his first full day.  He had a great time so were really pleased.  On Tuesday when I dropped him in the morning he got sad when I left and the Teacher had to console him.  And when it came to lunchtime he was crying for me and said he wanted me!  Mummy and I thought he must have been having an off day as that is out of character for him.  He previously went to Nursery half day and from the first day I was invisible.

Let’s get onto lunch hehe!  We originally thought that School Lunches would be the best option.  But Yusuf is a fussy eater!  On the first day of lunch there was rice and meat and his response was “I only eat yellow rice!!”  When it came to pudding cake and custard “Only Mummy eats custard!!”  Mummy finds it hillarious that she is the ONLY person that eats custard!!!  The teachers suggested to make packed lunch as we have been.  That seems to be going better, at least he is eating most of it and when he came home yesterday he wants his main meal.

Now onto sleep we are pleased with this one especially that yesterday was his first full day.  In the holidays he was sleeping 8:30 approx and sometimes waking at 5:30 or 6:00.  Yesterday he was knocked out (he usually fidgets in his sleep, but he hardly moved!!)  He slept at 7:15 and work up at 5:40 so an extra hour which is good.  I’m sure that as he gets used to it he will want even more sleep!!

A little bit about Zakariyah- it’s his first birthday on the 9th!!  We all can’t believe how quickly the time has flown!  He’s doing great walking loads and his new word is bum!!  He seems at the moment to enjoy the time with me whilst his brother is at school, it’s certainly a lot quieter!!  Well thats’ enough from me Yusuf is at school now and I have the day with Zakariyah.

Have a good day all.


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