The Boys!

14 Oct

Yusuf with his much loved Bowser!



Morning All,
Happy Friday!  Well I thought it’s been a few days since I wrote a general post about what myself and the family are up to.  Yusuf is at school at the moment and he has a treat his Uncle Mahdee is off so he took him and he is going to pick him up.  I’m at home with Zakariyah.  I might take him to the cafe with me for something to eat, I did that yesterday and took him to his Grannys’ and he had a lovely time.
Mummy has just ordered a DS lite online (much cheaper!) for Yusufs’ birthday.  She has also found a Mario case which was only £5 he will love it.  Well just a short one today.  Not really sure what we will do at the weekend.  Granny has a bit of a cold (like it seems almost everyone!) Mummy might pop round and see her with the boys.  The boys have a cough,   Mummy just got better, I’m still a bit poorly, Uncle Mahdee still has a bit of a cold and Nanny has a bit of a cold- great isn’t it?!
Have a good weekend all.

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