Review of Hama Beads

18 Oct

Yusuf with his Toy Story Hama Beads set.









Morning All,

When we saw a tweet asking if anyone wanted to review some Hama beads we thought it would be a nice idea.  We have never come across Hama beads before so this was new to us.  The lovely Merry asked us to pick a set so as Yusuf is a big Toy Story fan we picked that one.  We decided to use the set on Sunday whilst the footie was on to keep Yusuf entertained.  So Mummy and myself told Yusuf that we had a surprise for him (we had kept the box hidden!)  He was very excited as we knew he would be especially knowing that it was Toy Story. 

The idea of Hama Beads is that you get a pegboard and you place the beads on the pegboard. You can either make your own design or follow the pictures.  Once the character is finished you put an irorning paper and iron and then you can take the piece out.  All the items are provided in the box.  Now as Mummy had to do most of the design (Yusuf wanted to do Buzz Lightyear)  we didn’t get to finish it, as it’s hard when you have another 1 year old that is running around!  But what Mummy did get to do looked great.  We wanted to take a picture this morning of what Mummy and Yusuf did so far.  But this morning Yusuf took it upon himself to pour all of the beads back in the container and say “We will do it again today!!”

We think that Hama Beads is a great concept.  I think we will enjoy doing it with Yusuf even more as he gets older as the beads are small and when he was picking them up he was dropping them a lot!  But Mummy really enjoyed doing it and Yusuf was watching intently and enjoyed seeing Buzz look more like him as they went along. 

We have had a look at Merrys’ website and we think it has some great items especially with Christmas coming up.  They not only stock Hama Beads but Jewellery Making, Mosaic Craft Kits to name a few.  So head on over there  The prices are very reasonable we think.  The set we had was only £13.95.  Also take at look at Merrys’ own blog which has loads of great ideas for Hama Beads:

 Disclosure:  We were sent one box of  Toy Story Hama Beads to review.  This is the opinion of myself and the family.


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