Half Term Week

27 Oct

Morning All,

Well just a quick one to say how the half term is going.  It has not been too bad actually just wish the weather would cheer up a bit.  We have been at home playing except for on Tuesday Yusuf went with Nanny to Aunty’s house.  Not really up to much today but it will be a nice day anyway.  On Saturday Mummy will be taking the boys to Aunty’s house.  They are having a housewarming party, but as with anyone with kids it’s going to be in the day.  Next Sunday will be Yusuf’s 4th birthday!  Mummy ordered a DS for him a couple of weeks ago which we are still waiting for!  We have got a Mario/Luigi case for him and already got his birthday card.  We all can’t wait!

Last week we received some yummy sweets to review from Goody Good Stuff.  They are suitable for vegetarians.  The link to the review is at Mummy Fever: http://mummyfever.blogspot.com/2011/10/our-review-of-goody-good-stuff.html?spref=tw

Goody Good Stuff sweets

Well that’s it for me for today, have a good day all.

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