Yusuf’s 4th birthday!

8 Nov

Morning All,

We had a great weekend, on Sunday was Yusuf’s birthday.  We had Aunty and nieces and nephew round.  Granny was round too and Uncle Mahdee.  We bought Yusuf a DSi and 3 DS games.  Granny got him 2 DS games and Uncle Mahdee got him a game.  So Nanny is getting Yusuf a beanbag chair to sit and play on!  Aunty got Yusuf two board game, Twister and I can’t remember the name of the other one.   Thanks again to the great Free Cakes UK, who supplied us with a srummy cake.

The downside of the birthday is we were photoless!  We discovered on the Saturday that our belved camera had broken.  Someone had dropped it we don’t know the culprit!  So we was going to use Uncle Mahdee’s iphone which started off great, got some lovely pictures.  Later on in the evening his phone broke, it seems some water got in it!!  Plus we both had Blackberrys and they have been broken for some time.  Mummy is quite sad that we son’t have any photos from Yusuf’s birthday but there was absoultely nothing we could do about it. 

Well I’m off now dropped Yusuf off at school and have the day with Zakariyah.  He is doing all sorts now, opening the fridge, freezer, oven!!  Climbing everywhere he is very inquisitive to say the least.

Have a good day all.


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