Review of Dora The Explorer Enchated Forest Adventures DVD

24 Nov

Morning All,

Thanks to the fantastic Louise at Rock and Roll Baby World, we received a Dora The Explorer Enchanted Forest Adventures DVD to review.  The DVD itself came in a lovely backpack box with some stickers and colour sheets.  The thing that we love about Dora is that it is suitable for both boys and girls.  Our oldest is a real boys boy but Dora is one programme that he will watch.  Both ouf our boys don’t watch Dora all the time, but when they do it really gets their attention and sometimes we can get rare moments of peace whilst they watch!!

In this episode of Dora The Exlplorer Enchanted Forest Adventures, Dora is in a magical world ruled by Unicornio the Unicorn King.  Dora, Boots and friends help get Unicornio back as King when an owl takes over and sets up some mean rules!

The DVD features 3 parts: Part 1 Tale of the Unicorn King, Part 2 Secret of Atlantis and Part 3 Dora Saves King Unicornio.  The full 3 parts will be shown on Nick Jr on Friday 25th November at 4pm and Sunday 27th November at 12pm.

Here’s a taster clip:

Disclosure: We were sent 1 Dora the Explorer Enchanted Forest Adventures DVD to review.  This review is the opinion of myself and family.


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