Sorry for the lack of blogs!!

14 Dec

Morning All,

It has been a manic few weeks.  About 4 weeks ago Yusuf had a tummy bug.  So my attention was mainly on him and looking after his brother!  Once he got better from that (took about 3 weeks) he went back to school.  Only about 2 days after he got a bad cough so was back at home!!  After that on a bright note, we moved into a beautiful new flat on Saturday so life is chaotic at the moment!

The new flat is great though, when we buy a new camera we will take some pics and put them up.  It has so many benefits.  Firstly once we have decorated the room, the boys will have their own bedroom.  Secondly it’s a new building so apart from the boys room doesn’t need any decorating!  Thirdly we have a shower, in the old flat there was not enough hot water pressure in the bath to take a shower.  Lastly we have more space, we loved having Nanny live with us but it was cramped and we need to concentrate being a family.  Now when we get a chance we can get a table and chairs to eat at.  We never had room before as all the toys were in the living room!  We are looking forward so much to sitting down together as a family at dinner times.  It’s such a simple thing but can make such a difference to eating time.

Anyway that’s enough from me for today.  Not sure when I will be back on, but I will be back soon!


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