Review of Hallmarks Abigail and The Balance Beam Story Buddy

20 Apr









Afternoon All, told you I would be on!!

Thanks to the lovely people at Hallmark for sending us a Hallmarks Abigal Story Buddy for our niece to review.  Maya is 6 years old and a very good reader.  We were sent a Watson The Story Buddy to review before and the boys loved it.  Maya loved her Abigail even more as she is old enough to read herself.  The great thing about Story Buddies, is that you read the story and the character reads the highlighted parts.

Firstly Maya attemped reading the book in the living room.  This as we expected was not succesfull as you need to be in a quiet room for the character to respond and we had a houseful.  So at first Maya went in a quiet bedroom and after reading the book, ran back in and said “It works, she talks!”  Then she took Yusuf in the bedroom and read to him and Yusuf came in and told us all that “She talked” excitedely.  Then the last audience member that Maya got was Nanny.  Nanny absoultely loved it, she came back in and said “That’s fantastic, I wouldn’t mind one for myself.”

We love the Story Buddies and think they are great for a range of ages (including Adults that are big kids!!!) Priced at £19.99 in Hallmark stores and at   Additional books for Abigail are also available from the same outlets priced at £5.99 each.  More character members will be added to the gang this year.

Disclosure:  We received a Abigal Story Buddy (character and book) to review.  This is the opinion of myself and family.  We are not paid for this post.



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