Review of Half Baked Cake (Scrumptious Chocolate flavour)

2 Aug


Good Morning All,

We are a family that love cakes (especially Chocolate flavour) so we were very happy to review the Half Baked Scrumptious Chocolate Cake.  The cake is already made and you don’t need to add anything.  All you do is put in the oven for 50 – 55 minutes and let it cool and then add the chocolate buttercream icing.  After about 10 minutes of it being in the oven myself and Mummy could smell it and was eager to try it!  I’m not a fan myself of icing, so Mummy left half of it without icing and the other half with icing.


I have to say that this cake is probably my favourite chocolate cake, it was really yummy!  It went down very well with the boys, Mummy, Uncle Mahdee and Granny.  It lasted us 2 days which proves that it is a fair size.  I even tried the side with icing on and I like that too.  The icing didn’t have too much of a sugary taste more of a chocolate taste.


Here is our youngest Zakariyah trying to grab the box of Mummy!  If I see this cake I would not hesitate to buy it.  The cakes come in 3 other flavours: Lemon & Lime Drizzle, Coffee & Walnut & Farmhouse Apple.  The cakes retail at £5.00 each.  They are available now from Tesco Extra &  To get more information go to

Disclosure:  I was sent 1 Half Baked Cake for review.  This is not a paid review.  This review is the opinion of myself and my family.


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