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I’m back!

14 Feb

But… our new place is lovely.  The sitting room/ kitchen is open plan.  We have a balcony and a shower, things which we didn’t have in the old flat.  The boys are so much happier they have a lot of open space to play around.  On the subject of the boys they are doing great.  Yusuf had has 1st assembly to which Mummy attended and she was very proud indeed.  Zakariyah is growing up fast, becoming a cheeky chap but very funny also.

Yusf playing The Emperor in his school assembly!

Zakariyah in one of his favourite rooms- bathroom!!!


Sorry for the lack of blogs!!

14 Dec

Morning All,

It has been a manic few weeks.  About 4 weeks ago Yusuf had a tummy bug.  So my attention was mainly on him and looking after his brother!  Once he got better from that (took about 3 weeks) he went back to school.  Only about 2 days after he got a bad cough so was back at home!!  After that on a bright note, we moved into a beautiful new flat on Saturday so life is chaotic at the moment!

The new flat is great though, when we buy a new camera we will take some pics and put them up.  It has so many benefits.  Firstly once we have decorated the room, the boys will have their own bedroom.  Secondly it’s a new building so apart from the boys room doesn’t need any decorating!  Thirdly we have a shower, in the old flat there was not enough hot water pressure in the bath to take a shower.  Lastly we have more space, we loved having Nanny live with us but it was cramped and we need to concentrate being a family.  Now when we get a chance we can get a table and chairs to eat at.  We never had room before as all the toys were in the living room!  We are looking forward so much to sitting down together as a family at dinner times.  It’s such a simple thing but can make such a difference to eating time.

Anyway that’s enough from me for today.  Not sure when I will be back on, but I will be back soon!

Review of Priddy Books

1 Dec

First 100 Trucks Board Book

In our house we love reading books, so were very pleased when we got a chance to review for Priddy Books.  A lovely lady at Priddy Books sent us 2 books.  This was the book for Zakariyah.  It’s suitable from birth and like the other book we loved the vibrant colours.  Zakariyah really enjoyed looking at this and we can’t wait to see him saying the different types of trucks when he starts talking more.  Sadly our camera is broken, but there was a lovely moment when Yusuf sat down and read the book with his brother showing him the different types of trucks.  This book is a bargain at £3.99. 

Let's Pretend Builder's Tool Kit

This book is Yusuf’s.  It is a board book which let’s you pretend to be a Builder.  It has pieces which you insert into the correct place.  Mummy and Yusuf really enjoyed doing this.  Zakariyah also had a lot of enjoyment with this book, it must have been the bright colours!  He kept running off with the pieces!!   This book retails at £10.99 we think this is a great price for a lovely board book.  We received both books in a Priddy Books bag, which Mummy now takes with her everywhere!  To have a look at the full range of Priddy Books visit:
Disclosure: We were sent 2 books for the boys for reviewing.  This is the opinion of myself and family.

Yusuf’s 4th birthday!

8 Nov

Morning All,

We had a great weekend, on Sunday was Yusuf’s birthday.  We had Aunty and nieces and nephew round.  Granny was round too and Uncle Mahdee.  We bought Yusuf a DSi and 3 DS games.  Granny got him 2 DS games and Uncle Mahdee got him a game.  So Nanny is getting Yusuf a beanbag chair to sit and play on!  Aunty got Yusuf two board game, Twister and I can’t remember the name of the other one.   Thanks again to the great Free Cakes UK, who supplied us with a srummy cake.

The downside of the birthday is we were photoless!  We discovered on the Saturday that our belved camera had broken.  Someone had dropped it we don’t know the culprit!  So we was going to use Uncle Mahdee’s iphone which started off great, got some lovely pictures.  Later on in the evening his phone broke, it seems some water got in it!!  Plus we both had Blackberrys and they have been broken for some time.  Mummy is quite sad that we son’t have any photos from Yusuf’s birthday but there was absoultely nothing we could do about it. 

Well I’m off now dropped Yusuf off at school and have the day with Zakariyah.  He is doing all sorts now, opening the fridge, freezer, oven!!  Climbing everywhere he is very inquisitive to say the least.

Have a good day all.

Half Term Week

27 Oct

Morning All,

Well just a quick one to say how the half term is going.  It has not been too bad actually just wish the weather would cheer up a bit.  We have been at home playing except for on Tuesday Yusuf went with Nanny to Aunty’s house.  Not really up to much today but it will be a nice day anyway.  On Saturday Mummy will be taking the boys to Aunty’s house.  They are having a housewarming party, but as with anyone with kids it’s going to be in the day.  Next Sunday will be Yusuf’s 4th birthday!  Mummy ordered a DS for him a couple of weeks ago which we are still waiting for!  We have got a Mario/Luigi case for him and already got his birthday card.  We all can’t wait!

Last week we received some yummy sweets to review from Goody Good Stuff.  They are suitable for vegetarians.  The link to the review is at Mummy Fever:

Goody Good Stuff sweets

Well that’s it for me for today, have a good day all.

Review of Stich Baby & Kids Pyjamas Part 2

6 Oct

Zakariyah in his Rocket Pyjama top.

Morning All,
As promised I am putting the other 2 pyjamas on the boys up.  In all of the pyjamas the boys look really sweet.  We just put the tops on that time as it was one of the nights that was quite hot.  Not like now so I think the trousers will be on soon!

Yusuf in his Lions pyjama top!

If you like what you see as we did take a look at the website:
Remember these clothes come from Australia so take between 1 – 3 weeks to arrive, but it’s well worth it!!  Yusuf loves his as they were in the wash so he had to wear another and he said “I want my new pyjamas!!”
Disclosure:  We received 4 pyjamas for reviewing purposes.  This is the opinion of the family!  Thanks again to Tracey!

Great Weekend!

3 Oct

Morning All,

I know, it’s a been a while since I’ve posted about what’s going on.  Been very busy!  Well the weekend was lovely.  On Saturday Mummy did a bit of housework whilst I played with the boys.  She also a cooked a very nice tuna and pasta bake.  The boys went outside in the back garden with Mummy for an hour, we didn’t want to keep them out for too long as it was so hot.  Yesterday Mummy cooked again, a lovely Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables.  I really enjoyed it, every time  she cooks it it tastes nicer!  I took Yusuf to Argos and bought him a cuddly Bowser toy (Bowser is from the Mario games!)  We also had Granny round for the day.  Yusuf made us laugh told his Granny she was making too much noise and if she carries on he will chuck her out!  Granny is very relaxed so she took it with the humour that was intended!

Uncle Mahdee also took Yusuf out for a couple of hours.  It was nice it gave us a chance to have Zakariyah to ourselves.  He was chatting away, laughing and smiling and walking everywhere.  Uncle Mahdee bought Zakariyah his birthday present.  A lovely pair of Superman Converse shoes they are really lovely.  Today Yusuf is at school at the moment which is going great.  I will be cooking curry for tonight later on whilst Zakariyah follows me around!  I said to Yusuf that when he gets back from school I might play some Mario games with him.  Since he has been going school full day we have noticed a calmer boy and the past week he has been watching dvds, which he never used to watch a dvd the whole way through.  I think he misses the games though so I may play for about an hour with him.

That’s it for today, have a good day!